Dual-satellite positioning doubles your safety

Combining both the GPS and the GLONASS satellite positioning systems speeds up the initial position fixing speed.

Xplorer Mini can get a more accurate and reliable position to improve its stability, and the safety of both your environment and your drone.

Fly safely indoors

The Mini is equipped with indoor positioning system. This innovative technology improves the safety of your indoor flights.

. The height is locked by the ultrasonic sonar system and the drone's position thanks to a camera module that uses ground texture and optical flow technology to determine its location.

More time to enjoy

Xplorer Mini is fitted with a 1400mAh high-density lithium polymer flight battery with built-in sensors.This technology increases battery life and protects your Xplorer Mini from possible high current overload or short circuit damage.

battery also has an increased lifespan and can be charged faster.

Just fly

The Xplorer Mini automatically records its takeoff points. With just one click it will navigate home and land smoothly.

The powerful flight control system automatically handles all kinds of unexpected situations. The danger has often been avoided before you realize it.

  • One-key Return
  • One-key takeoff and landing
  • Lost connection protection