Stay in control

Experience an outstanding feeling of control with the next-generation remote control.
This brand new remote integrates the controls of both camera and gimbal. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, the controller provides comfort and instills confidence during the flight.

|Live preview|5 intelligent flight modes|3 flight levels|

Great creations through simple operations

The remote control is designed for aerial photography with several special buttons for direct access to key functions.
When the levers are released, they automatically reset and the drone stably hovers at its position.
Seize every stunning moment with confidence.

  • 3-level switches:
  • 1、Posture mode
  • 2、GPS mode

Record button

Playback button

Photo capture button

User-defined button 1

User-defined button 2

Always in control

The newly enhanced Wi-Fi Range Extender and Antenna reduce interference and enable full control and HD video previews within a distance of up to 1 km. Seize every stunning moment with confidence.

Long distance, live preview

The new antenna designs provide HD video previews within a distance of up to 1 km.
Say goodbye to delays and enjoy the live preview to improve your photos and recordings.

  • 1 km real-time preview
  • Antenna data transmission

Perfect grip to ensure optimal control

Its ergonomic and perfect grip give you an outstanding shooting flying experience.Specially designed and optimized for the Xplorer 2, the remote control comes with great features and supports long-range control.

More intelligent,
more durable and less charging

The battery of the remote control comes with a higher capacity and can operate longer. Managing the battery is made easy thanks to the LED battery status indicator. The included new charger shortens the battery charging time.