Made to capture the heart of the moment

The brand new XIRO 4K camera offers you superior recording, crystal clear photos so you can capture every adventure and memorable moment whenever and wherever you want.

Capture the moments that matter

The brand new XIRO 4K camera captures highly detailed pictures of your precious moments at its their finest.

The delicate, smooth layered images will help you create stunning works of art.

|Brand new XIRO camera|4K/30fps|1080P/120fps | 12 Mp photos|84 ° low distortion wide-angle lens |F2.8 aperture |

  • Brand new XIRO 4K camera
  • 4K/30fps
  • 1080P/120fps
  • Static 1200-megapixel
  • 84° low distortion wide-angle lens
  • F2.8 aperture

Blur and vibration-free recording

XIRO's new-generation 3-axis stabilized gimbal automatically eliminates vibrations and blurring while flying to enable a safe, stable and relaxed flight.