The sky is not the limit!

More about the gimbal camera

|New XIRO camera|4K/30fps|1080P/120fps | 12-megapixel images|84° low distortion wide-angle lens|F2.8 Aperture |

  • Brand new XIRO 4K camera
  • 4K/30fps
  • 1080P/120fps
  • Static 1200-megapixel
  • 84° low distortion wide-angle lens
  • F2.8 aperture

Blur and vibration-free recording

XIRO's newest generation 3-axis stabilized gimbal will automatically eliminate vibrations and blurring while flying to enable a safe, stable and relaxed flight.

Improved design and safer flight

XIRO's unique intelligent anti-collision system combines XIRO flight control and radar scanning technology, which allows 360° omnidirectional scanning at 50 times per second.

  • 6m effective anti-collision distance|50tps|
  • |360° anti-collision system|
  • This makes the Xplorer 2 extremely accurate in avoiding obstacles.

Just fly!

The indoor visual positioning and GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system double your safety insurance.

The visual positioning system tracks the drone's position when the GPS signal is lost and helps to ensure stability indoors.

The height is locked by the ultrasonic sonar system and the drone's position thanks to a camera module that uses ground texture and optical flow technology to determine its location. | Indoor visual positioning | GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning |

  • Indoor Visual Positioning
  • Dual-satellite positioning system

Stay in control

This brand new remote integrates the controls of both camera and gimbal.

A simple button helps to record all your precious moments from the sky..
A simple button helps to record all your precious moments from the sky.Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, the controller provides comfort and instills confidence during the flight.

| Live preview | 5 intelligent flight modes | 3 flight levels |

Long distance live preview

The new antenna designs provide HD video previews within a distance of up to 1 km.
Say goodbye to delays and enjoy the live preview to improve your photos and recordings.
|1 km live preview |720P image quality|Antenna data transmission| Share in one click! Images and videos can be automatically synchronized with your mobile device and published on any major social media network in just one click. The XIRO Xplore app also supports tags. | 5 Intelligent flight modes | One-click sharing | Remote parameter Settings | Live preview | More about the app

  • Photo transmission
  • Antenna data transmission

Unleash your creativity

Thanks to XIRO's powerful flight control technology you can select various intelligent flight and recording modes to help

you make your own blockbuster.

| 5 intelligent flight modes | Sharing | Remote regulation |Real-time preview |

More time to enjoy

The high-density smart lithium polymer battery provides up to 5300mAh power,
enough to fly for up to 25 minutes. The built-in sensor and LED light provide live information such as battery status and power level.
Extra battery protection and higher battery lifespan are possible thanks to the rigid outer shell and its smart sensor.
|5300mAh|Up to 25 minutes flight time|LED power indicators|New durable shell| Indoor visual positioning

  • 5300mAh
  • 25 minutes flying
  • LED battery level indicator
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